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AEM Vite

Front end AEM tooling for the future

Bring your next AEM project into the modern era with the power of Vite.

🔎 Transparency

AEM Vite becomes a background superhero that magically switches things around for you.

⚡️ Vite-Powered

Get all of the benefits Vite has to offer without needing to fiddle around with complex ClientLib configurations.

💡 Designed for Simplicity

Bring Vite to AEM without the worry of annoying development tasks and tech debt.

⚙️ Endless Configurations

Setup as many different configs as your project needs. AEM Vite will handle all of the politics for you.

🔋 Empowers Front End

Front End developers are able to spend more time writing code, and less time maintaining complex tools.

🚀 It's fast... no, really!

What else is there to say really, when AEM Vite is running, you wouldn't even know.

Apache 2.0 Licensed. Vite wording and logos are property of Evan You. Adobe and AEM wording and logos are property of Adobe Inc.