AEM Vite logo

Vite for AEM

Next Generation Front End Tooling made simple for AEM!

🔎 Transparency

AEM Vite becomes a background superhero that magically switches things around for you.

⚡️ Vite-Powered

Get all of the benefits Vite has to offer without needing to fiddle around with AEM ClientLibs.

💡 Designed for Simplicity

The goal was to bring Vite to AEM without the worry of annoying development tasks and tech debt.

⚙️ Endless Configurations

Setup as many different configs as your project needs. AEM Vite will handle all of the politics for you.

🔋 Empowers Front End

Front End developers are able to spend more time writing code, and less time configuring tools.

🚀 It's fast... no, really!

What else is there to say really, when AEM Vite is running, you wouldn't even know.

Apache 2.0 Licensed | Copyright © 2021-present Chris Shaw. Vite wording and logos are property of Evan You. Adobe and AEM wording and logos are property of Adobe Inc.