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What is AEM Vite?

AEM Vite – also referred to as Vite for AEM – is a powerful plugin that enables a simple and modern development experience when working without needing to spend hours messing around in configuration files.

AEM Vite uses Vite, if you didn't catch that already, which provides one of the fastest build experiences and will make your AEM development journey all the more easier.

How does it work?

Through pure magic 🪄!

Seriously though, AEM Vite uses a Vite plugin that:

  • Proxies your local AEM instance
  • Automatically identifies if a request matches the configuration
  • Strips away your desired AEM ClientLibs
  • Injects the Vite client scripts 💯

All of this happens in real-time and is 100% transparent. This means less time deploying front end code and more time developing.

AEM support

AEM 6.5+ and the AEM SDK (AEMaaCS) are fully supported.

Front end framework support

AEM Vite supports all of the currently available DevServer experiences.

For more information about HMR support for your framework, refer to Vite's HMR documentation.

Apache 2.0 Licensed. Vite wording and logos are property of Evan You. Adobe and AEM wording and logos are property of Adobe Inc.