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Installation is straightforward and easy. Please ensure your read the below carefully as some manual steps are needed to finish the installation.

Vite Plugin

Installing the Vite plugin is as simple as using your favourite package manager.

npm install --save-dev @aem-vite/vite-aem-plugin
# or; yarn
yarn add -D @aem-vite/vite-aem-plugin
# or; pnpm
pnpm add -D @aem-vite/vite-aem-plugin

The next step is to configure your project to make full use of Vite.

Maven Dependency

Add the aem-vite.all package as a Maven dependency in your apps pom.xml file.


Next, add the following to your FileVault configuration; remembering to change the <target> path to suit your project structure.



This will typically be added to your all maven module or ui.apps if you don't have an all module. Remember to replace {project} with your project folder name.


AEM Vite doesn't rely on any 3rd-party dependencies and only makes use of API's available in the AEM Uber JAR and Cloud SDK.

Apache 2.0 Licensed. Vite wording and logos are property of Evan You. Adobe and AEM wording and logos are property of Adobe Inc.